Advantages and caveats of a one stylesheet per page strategy

I recently changed the CSS structure of my personal site and blog aiming for better loading times and moved to single set of styles. Not every project will benefit from this.

Here are a few indicators and things you might need to know before changing from a global stylesheet to a set of them.




In web development there are no winners nor losers when talking about concepts and strategies.

Moving to a set of specific stylesheets per page will be convenient only in certain cases where small variations happen across each corner of the project.

This site is using this approach because I’ve found out, after some authoring, it had small tweaks and variations from page to page and the only heavy styled ones were posts.

Also there is no team impact since I am the only one maintaining the site.

In my experience, even if you don’t end up applying this, the authoring process you need to go through will expose a lot of improvements you can do to your current styles architecture.