Born and raised in Argentina, and currently living in Barcelona and working as a front end engineer in Design Systems at Typeform.

His interest for web development started back when he opened a website for the first time as a child and asked himself why it was so slow.

Cartoon Network website sucked back in the 90s

He is now an adult, or pretending to be one, and a self-taught front end engineer with experience in different types of solutions for the web.


He initially worked in content based web and marketing sites for companies like Microsoft, State Farm, Razorfish, NYSE and others, with a focus on responsive design and accessibility.

Later he helped build and maintain large applications for start ups based in the United States, with focus on scalability and test driven development.

I met bundlers

Previous to his current position, he worked for Jam3 agency building rich animated web experiences for clients like Pixar, Google, Oreo, Doritos and Facebook.

I made cookies fly and cars move, it was really fun

He is currently part of the Design System team at Typeform and he’s a member of webpack documentation team.

He enjoys writing articles and giving talks to share his learnings along the way.


Feel free to reach out to him or find him on medium, twitter or github.