Born and raised in Argentina, currently working in New Relic as a Software Engineer and living in sunny Barcelona.

His interest in web development started back when he opened a website for the first time as a child and asked himself why it was so slow.

Cartoon Network website sucked back in the 90s

He has worked in a wide spectrum of web projects, from fast content sites to projects with a focus on animation and user experience, always with a keen eye on performance and best practices.


Early in his career he worked on mobile first and accessible sites for clients like Microsoft and StateFarm, focusing in accessibility, cross browsing compatibility and design consistency.

In OrderGroove he helped build and maintain their core JavaScript applications with a keen eye on performance and code quality, all applying Agile methodologies.

I'm experienced in accessible and mobile first sites as in various JavaScript frameworks and tooling

He later was the technical lead and developer of cool animated projects for a large set of clients including ESPN, Facebook, Pixar, Marvel and Oreo.

After that, he joined Typeform as a front end engineer and was the lead of its design system project.

For more details, download my resume here.


He works at New Relic as a Software Engineer.

You might also found him around giving talks about his experiences, writing articles and helping organize JSHeroes conference.

Feel free to contact me here for consultancy, writing or speaking inquiries.

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